Description: 3D map of the 2016 United States (US) Presidential election. Each county is colored according to the Presidential vote: light-to-dark Red (Blue) equals small-to-large Trump (Clinton) majority. The vertical extrusion (or height) of each county is proportional to the county population.

Analysis: The US is a sea of low-population Red counties interspersed with high-population, urban Blue counties. Major non-Blue counties include Maricopa-AZ (i.e., Phoenix), Tarrant-TX (i.e., Fort Worth), and Suffolk-NY (i.e., Long Island).

Methodology: 2016 election data were collected manually from the Secretary of State website for each state. 2012 election data were sourced from GitHub1. Spatial data was visualized using ESRI ArcMap2. Data was processed using custom VBA scripts in Microsoft Excel3.